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Margin Call Podcast – S2 E1: Alex Saunders | Founder of Nuggets News

August 7, 2019

Alex Saunders who is affectionately known as “Nugget”, is one of Australia’s foremost market commentators and educators in the digital asset space. The Founder of popular media and education in Nuggets News, Alex’s passion for crypto was born from a frustration of traditional financial markets that many first adopters feel in this space. His education has allowed many traders to steer clear of scams in the industry, focusing instead on developing a framework and community that centres on high-value projects.

In this episode we covered:

  1. What Alex loves about Tasmania
  2. Pharmacy over dentistry
  3. How he got into crypto
  4. Banking and financial services
  5. The current and future state of crypto
  6. His approach to value-investing


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