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Margin Call Podcast – S2 E10: Chris Tate | Co-Founder of Trading Game

October 16, 2019

Chris Tate is an Author, Trading Mentor, Co-Founder of (Trading Game), and Founder of Talking Trading. With a penchant for applying the scientific method to most elements of life, Chris (along with his co-founder Louise) is one of the longest standing mentors in the trading business – weathering all the fads that have passed through the industry.

And don’t forget to pick up your free trading plan template from Chris’s website – It will help you trade like a professional, and give you the focus you need to excel in the markets.

In this episode we covered:

  1. Averages, statistics & people
  2. Technical analysis, simplicity & complexity
  3. Delaying gratification & FOMO
  4. How he got into trading
  5. Working with Louise Bedford; and
  6. Managing downsides


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