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Video: Matching trading strategy to an economic outlook

December 6, 2019


At the recent GO Markets Daryl Guppy seminar, we had a presentation from Daryl that covered both an insightful economic outlook as well as some of his technical trading approaches.

During the seminar, a question was asked about how to match the two. i.e. if you have an economic idea how can you integrate this into your trading style.

We have put together one potential approach that could be used for your consideration.

Arguably, the same rigour of process should be applied to this as with any trading strategy, and this video presentation aims to outline such a potential process.

Traditionally, many Forex and CFD traders, enter short term, often intraday positions. With a longer term economic view, generally you are placing a longer term trade, based on that view with the idea that it could move in your desired direction.

As well as share holdings, this trading approach is very possible with Forex, index and commodity CFDs and of course, share CFDs with the potential advantage of being able to trade “short” easily compared to when trading shares.

The video is a recording of this weeks Inner Circle session (we have edited out the market watch section of the recording to focus on the educational component).



Mike Smith


Go Markets

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