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At GO Markets, we understand that learning how to trade margin Forex (FX) is essential. To learn Forex  or currency trading you need to get the basics right. Hence, we have created two tailored Forex education courses ‘First Steps in Forex’ and ‘Next Steps in Forex’ for beginner and intermediate level traders respectively to help you learn Forex trading (also known as currency trading) and grasp the basic knowledge and kick-start your trading journey with GO Markets.

Inner Circle is a group coaching program designed to provide on-going weekly education and market review to build knowledge and confidence and to connect with other Forex and CFD traders.

We hope these Forex trading courses will help you in your journey . The courses are tailored and allow you to share feedback and suggestions as you make your way through the modules including the topics you wish to learn more about.

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“GO Markets Inner Circle weekly educational workshops are a great resource for any skill level trader. As I progress in skill, the content becomes more and more relevant, always finding hidden gems within the webinars to integrate with my trading plan. It’s made me look differently at the markets, progressing a passion of forex into true business. Thank you to Mike and the team at GO Markets for providing such a great resource to all its members.”

– Andro Costa, participant

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