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Margin Call Podcast – S1 E9: Quinn Perrott | Co-Founder & General Manager of TRAction Fintech

March 13, 2019

Quinn Perrott (Linkedin) is the Co-Founder & General Manager of TRAction Fintech, a regulatory technology business. Quinn has been a long time operator in the Retail Forex space, whether it’s running leading businesses like City Index and AxiTrader, or deciding to create a business in the niche space of regulatory technology. He has a unique perspective as a long time operator, with his knowledge helping average traders to understand the market and industry participants to better understand their business.

This episode covers:

  1. Living in Cyprus
  2. Quinn’s path to Forex
  3. Starting TRAction Fintech
  4. What Quinn misses about the FX/CFD businesses
  5. New regulation from GFC
  6. How blockchain tech can impact reporting


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