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Margin Call Podcast – S2 E6: Martin North | Principal of Digital Finance Analytics

September 19, 2019

Martin North is the Principal of Digital Finance Analytics, a boutique research, analysis and consulting firm. This former consultant of Booz Allen & Fujitsu Australia pedigree is well known for his level-headed approach to financial markets & the economy. His Walk The World channel on YouTube is a must for astute economy watchers in Australia. While his commentary is highly regarded across mainstream media such as the AFR, Sydney Morning Herald, the ABC, 9News and many more.

In this episode we covered:

  1. Growing up in UK & early memories
  2. His career path and insight, corporate consulting
  3. The state of Australia’s economy, housing sector
  4. Productive vs. non-value adding investments
  5. His first 90 days as Prime Minister; and
  6. His take on crypto.


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