Oil and Metals

Top 5 Gold Exporters In The World
October 13, 2018

  Last year the total sales of gold exports reached $310 billion mark. The top 5 countries made up a large portion of the total gold exports last year with shipments accounting to more than $177 billion, which was 57.30% of the world tota...

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Market Health: Dr Copper Will See You Now
October 12, 2018

  What is the Gold-to-copper ratio and why is it important? And more importantly, what could it be telling us?   The Gold-To-Copper Ratio Health Check Copper is often referred to as a barometer for economic growth and gold has...

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Top 5 Oil Exporters In The World
October 3, 2018

There has been quite a lot of talk about oil in the news recently with some analysts suggesting the price could reach $100 per barrel, which would be the highest since 2014. Whether that will happen, that is another story. In this article, we take a ...

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Global Oil Sentiment May Assist The Loonie
August 25, 2018

The US Dollar has been crushing it this week against many of the major currency pairs with most of the market chatter surrounding additional rate hikes from the Fed. We'll look at the USDCAD, also referred to as the "Loonie," a pairing that has survi...

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Lacklustre Gold Weighing Heavy On Markets
August 8, 2018

Free-falling gold prices The latest weekly chart for gold does not look favourable for the precious metal. Below we can see that in twelve of the past sixteen weeks, gold prices have ended down and is one of the worst runs for the metal in decades. ...

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August 7, 2018

AUDNZD - Point & Figure Chart AUDNZD - As we approach the upcoming policy meetings this week, the expectations for both central banks (RBA and the RBNZ) is to keep their respective interest rates on hold. The only difference is that the New ...

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July 28, 2018

NZDCAD - Daily To begin with, let’s take a look at the NZDCAD. Admittedly not the liveliest minor pair but in this instance, I think it is worth a mention. On the daily time frame, we can see the price is hovering around the critical support...

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Oil on the Rise
November 29, 2017

Oil on the Rise After reaching its lowest price for 15 years back in January, we have seen the oil prices rising in the recent months since June. The price recently reached a two-year high following a partial closure of the Keystone pipeline connect...

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Oil continued its rise
August 5, 2016

Upcoming News » 10:30pm Employment Change - CAD » 10:30pm Trade Balance - CAD » 10:30pm Unemployment Rate - CAD » 10:30pm Average Hourly Earnings - USD » 10:30pm Non-Farm Employment Change - USD  » 10:30pm Unemployment Rate - USD ...

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Is the rally in the commodities markets going to continue?
May 30, 2016

After being under a tremendous amount of pressure over the five past years, commodities, represented by the Bloomberg Commodity Index, finally started to show signs of relief when they rallied by some 11% (measured from close to close)  over the pas...

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Crude Oil Opportunities Analysed in 7 Charts
March 22, 2016

It was only one month ago when oil was the most hated commodity in the market. Analysts were pessimistic and forecasts for oil with a $10 handle were circulating in the financial media. However, against all odds, oil suddenly managed to hold losses ...

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Why Trade or Invest in Physical Precious Metals?
August 29, 2014

From geopolitical unrest to trigger happy central bankers cranking up the printing presses (quantitative easing), it’s apparent why market participants turn towards the natural safe haven qualities of physical precious metals when the chips are dow...

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