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Yield Curves: What Are They And How Can We Use Them?
October 19, 2018

Undoubtedly anybody who dabbles or takes an interest in the financial markets will have come across the term yield curves. Perhaps stumbled on during research or overhearing Bloomberg TV hammer home various aspects of yield curve movements. Eithe...

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The Art Of War & Trading: Part 4
September 20, 2018

军势篇  Chapter: The Flow Of Directing Troops (Trades) Original Text: 孙子曰:凡治众如治寡,分数是也; Translation: The control of a large force is the same principle as the control of a few men; it is merely ...

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Understanding Inflationary Pressures
September 14, 2018

By Deepta Bolaky Broadly speaking, inflation is a general increase in prices which result in a fall in the purchasing value of money. In this article, we are going to look at measures of inflation and other indicators that can help traders to ...

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The Art Of War & Trading: Part 3
September 7, 2018

军形篇 - The Chapter of Tactical Dispositions Original Text: 善战者,先为不可胜,以待敌之可胜。 Translation: Good commanders first evaluate the possibility of being defeated and then wait for an opportunity to defeat the enemy...

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Art of War and Trading: Part 2
September 3, 2018

兵者,诡道也。 All warfare is based on deception. Investment is, in essence, a game of intelligence and psychology, and the importance of calculation is behind the first two elements. At first, many beginner traders misunderstand what i...

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Six Attributes of a Good Trading Plan
August 29, 2018

  As a trader, you’ve probably found that having the right trading plan plays a significant role in your trading success. A basic trading plan should tell you what, when and how much to trade. It should also have specific instructions on wh...

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The Art Of War And Trading: Part 1
August 29, 2018

What Is The Art Of War? The Art of War is an ancient Chinese book on military tactics and strategy who written by Sun Tzu around 500 BC. These writings are considered by many to be the most significant literature on military tactics and wisdom that ...

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How to get an edge in the Forex market?
September 28, 2016

People often ask me how they can get an edge over other traders in the currency market. My simple answer is this. Study financial market history and it will greatly enhance your profit opportunity because Forex markets will highly likely react the sa...

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2 Things All Great Traders Have
September 20, 2016

One Emotional Discipline: This is the precise reason why not everyone can trade. Understanding the fundamentals of the market is not beyond you and learning a technical system that provides an edge in the market is certainly not hugely challenging. H...

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Why you need to re-train your brain as a Forex Trader
September 7, 2016

Can you teach old dogs new tricks? Yes, of course you can if you give them treats and train them correctly through the new learning process. To teach an old dog new tricks the dog handler will be re-training the dog’s brain and so it is with human ...

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Trading Success as a Forex trader is a bit like doing an apprenticeship
August 31, 2016

If you are willing to look at your Forex experience a bit like an apprentice completes an apprenticeship you are likely going to achieve a higher level of success. Why should opening a live account and making money in the financial markets be any dif...

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Why Thinking in 10’s could help you as a trader
August 25, 2016

  When you boil it all down trading is a game of numbers, the more numbers you make over time the more money you make however many traders don’t focus on the numbers game over time and instead focus their attention only on if they are winning ...

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The 200-Day Moving Average
August 17, 2016

One of the worlds most profitable Hedge Fund Managers Paul Tudor Jones called it in Tony Robbins Money Master Book "my #1 Trading indicator " and some of my colleagues in institutions and banks have referred to it as a key barometer for where subst...

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Top Candlestick Patterns and How to Use them in Your Trading
July 29, 2016

  Candlestick charts are one of the most popular and commonly used tools by traders in analysing the markets. In this article, we will briefly look at its history then move on to some basics on how to interpret these charts. We will also look...

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Benefits of a MT4 Demo Trading Account
June 29, 2016

Top 5 Benefits of a MT4 Demo Trading Account A MT4 Demo trading account is a virtual trading account that allows you to make virtual trades with play money.  Demo trading accounts replicate Live trading accounts, but it removes the risk of losing y...

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